Mike Lee Thanksgiving Address: Too Many Americans Are Trapped In Poverty

While delivering the Republican Thanksgiving address, Sen. Mike Leesaid despite challenges in Washington, the country stillhas a lot to be grateful for.

The Utah Republican says too many Americans are being“stretched to the breaking point” due to the burden ofpayroll taxes, health-care costs and rising home prices whilesalaries stay stagnant.

“We have too many Americans trapped inpoverty, sometimes for generations, and often because thedysfunctional, big-government programs that are supposed to helpthem only make it harder and less likely for them, and theirchildren, to build a better life,” he says.

But the senator went on to say despite the problems the U.S.faces, he believes the country’s best days are yet to comeand encourages the rest of the country to follow Utah’s leadwhen it comes to limited government and privatized welfareprograms.

“I know it’s going to takehard work to overcome the problems besetting oureconomy,†he said. “But the Americanpeople never shrink from our greatest challenges. We alwaysconfront them, head on.”

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