We will keep a running account of Memorial Day statements from various notable figures:

Mitt Romney

"As we observe Memorial Day, we owe thanks to the many Americans who have fought and died to defend our country. Their courage, their willingness to lay down their lives, reminds us that the United States is not a country like any other. Rather, we are an exceptional nation. Those patriots who are on the battlefields today or have gone to battlefields in the past, some never to return, have left us a stronger country, a great nation that, whatever its divisions, shines as a beacon of liberty before the peoples of the world. Memorial Day is a solemn day, but it is also a holiday of barbecues and family gatherings and vacations. Today, let us give remembrance and respect to those who have sacrificed everything to keep us safe.

Reince Priebus:

"Today we remember and honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. For those who have lost a loved one and mourn today and for those who have loved ones overseas, our hearts and prayers are with you. America's bond with our men and women in uniform and their families is unbreakable and our commitment to them will never waiver."

Dr. Jill Biden:

This Memorial Day, First Lady Michelle Obama and I are asking our fellow citizens to honor the brave men and women who have served and sacrificed so much for our country by supporting our military families and veterans.

Will you join me in sending a note of thanks to our military families? You can submit your message on JoiningForces.gov.

Our military families are true American heroes: they are parents who raise their kids alone while their spouse is deployed overseas, they are the grandparents who provide much needed support, and they are military kids who work hard in school while bravely awaiting their mom or dad's return from deployment. They serve our country bravely and without asking for recognition for their sacrifices.

That's why the First Lady and I started Joining Forces, a national initiative to recognize, honor and support our military families.

As a military mom, I know that a simple act of kindness can make a difference in the lives of our military families and veterans. Whether you offer to babysit or carpool, or just take a moment to say thank you, everyone can do something to support our service members and their families.

We are working with employers, with communities, with faith leaders, with schools and so many others. We can all join forces.

At JoiningForces.gov you'll find lots of ways to get involved. You can find service opportunities in your area, send a message of support to military families, or tell us your own story of service:


To all of our men and women in uniform, our veterans and our military families: thank you, we are so grateful for your commitment and sacrifice.



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