McCain: Hype, Secrecy of Obama's Jobs Plan Evokes Nixon

The president may be vacationing in quiet Martha's Vineyard, but his 2008 campaign trail rival says the noise about Obama's soon-to-be revealed jobs creation package is all too loud.

"I haven't frankly heard this much hype about a secret plan since Nixon had a plan for us to get out of Vietnam," Arizona Senator John McCain (R) said on FOX News Tuesday morning.

The president announced last week that he would be sending a job-creation package to Congress in September. Few details of what McCain called the "job creation and Nirvana" plan have emerged.

"I want the president to come forward with a plan, we want to work together, we want to get this thing done," McCain said, adding that the package should include a two-year moratorium on new federal regulations to incentivize business growth.

McCain, who has been outspoken on American involvement in Libya, also had some advice to offer the president on how to approach a post-Qaddafi regime.

"Democracy is tough. It took us over a hundred years and a bloody civil war to figure out what kind of country we are. So let's try and help them out. Not through money - they've got enough money. But they need the kind of technical help that makes governments run," he said.