When Sen. Mary Landrieu needed to re-enact a congressional hearing for a recent television ad, her campaign turned to a capital closer to home.

To comply with Senate rules, which prohibit the use of government video for campaign purposes, Landrieu recreated the scene with the close-enough backdrop of a Louisiana Senate committee room, sources in the state Capitol confirmed to the Washington Examiner.

But Landrieu's campaign wasn't able to receive approval for the project without some difficulty. An aide first approached the Louisiana House a few weeks ago with the request to use a committee room for filming — but the House speaker's office rejected them, adhering to an unwritten but strict rule that committee rooms not be used for such political purposes.

"It doesn't matter who it is. It could have been the Pope," said Cindy Mancuso, executive council to Republican Louisiana House Speaker Chuck Kleckley. "That's just the rule."

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