LSD Ale renamed after federal scrutiny

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Minneapolis-based Indeed Brewing is putting a new name on one of its popular spring beers after getting in trouble with the federal government.

Formerly known as LSD Ale, the brewery will now have to use the less entertaining (and absurdly long) title of Lavender, Sunflower Honey, Date Honey Ale to describe its sweet and tasty seasonal brew. Seriously, how is all of that supposed to fit on the side of a beer can?

Minnesota regulators had no trouble with the old name, and that was fine until this year when Indeed Brewing expanded its distribution across state lines. That’s when the federal government got involved and told the company the beer’s name was no joking matter, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported this week.

“The feds did not like the name LSD,” said Indeed co-founder and co-owner Thomas Whisenand. “They made that clear very quickly.”

Whisenand told the newspaper that the brewery tried to come up with a few different labels that downplayed the offending acronym while still maintaining the hippie-themed design.

“But unfortunately we sell a regulated product and there’s not much you can do when the feds say no,” he said.

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