President Biden met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday for a highly anticipated showdown between the two leaders. 

They met in Geneva Wednesday morning for a half-day of talks between the two presidents and aides behind closed doors.

When asked Tuesday if he was ready for Wednesday's talks, Biden replied, "I am always ready."


    • Biden on Tuesday met with European Union leaders in Brussels
    • On Monday, the president took part in his first in-person North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit. He traveled to Brussels for the NATO meeting after he wrapped up a three-day meeting with the Group of Seven nations on Sunday.

Biden had called Putin a "worthy adversary," on Monday prior to their long-anticipated meeting. His comments came after he agreed Putin was a "killer" earlier this year. 

Biden and Putin were expected to discuss a range of issues, including Iran and North Korea's nuclear capabilities, Syria, the Arctic, strategic stability, arms control, climate change, and COVID-19.

The president was also expected to raise the issue of Russia-based ransomware attacks with Putin during their summit, the White House said after critical infrastructure in the U.S. fell victim to another attack. 

Meanwhile, a bipartisan group of Senate lawmakers called on Biden to raise the issue of directed-energy microwave incidents targeting U.S. diplomats and top national security and CIA officials.

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