Liberal journalists: Obama ISIS response puts Democrats on risky path


The three Democratic presidential candidates in their debate Saturday night and President Obama in his press conference from the G-20 conference in Antalya, Turkey, Monday had to respond to questions about the terrorist attacks in Paris Friday night, asking what America should do about them. Their responses do not position their party well for the 2016 elections. That's not just my conclusion, but also that of three of the nation's leading liberal political writers.

Joe Klein of Time found himself sputtering about Bernie Sanders' argument that Islamist terrorism (which he, like his two competitors, refused to call by that name) was caused by global warming. "Sanders' utter lack of proportion on this issue — and yes, climate change is a serious problem, but not the immediate threat to our security that Islamic terror is — is a classic example of how the American Left lives in a hermetically sealed bubble, just as the American Right does. And the Left, and its solipsistic insistence on political correctness, is having an undue influence on the Democrats' presidential candidates in 2016."

Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker pointed out that all three debating Democrats responded with only vague platitudinous statements when asked how the United States should respond to Paris and the threat of Paris-like attacks closer to home. "That's not to say there wasn't some debate about the issue. But even those moments that seemed to highlight a difference of opinion fizzled into agreement about platitudes."

Writing after Obama, in his one show of emotion at his press conference, attacked Republicans for not wanting to admit any (or any Muslim) Syrian refugees to the United States, Kevin Drum of Mother Jones cautioned his fellow liberals who had been filling up his Twitter feed with ridicule of Republicans that they were out on a risky political limb.