Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer criticized President Obama Monday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” for not doing enough to help the Iraqi Kurds fighting Islamic militants in the region of Northern Iraq known as Kurdistan.

“The worst people on earth are winning,” said Krauthammer. He questioned why the Obama administration refused to supply the Kurds with the heavy arms they need to prevent Islamic militants from moving into the region.

“We’re giving them, through the CIA, small arms and bullets, that’s nice,” Krauthammer said. “The problem is that bullets are bouncing off the armored vehicles that ISIS has that it captured from us.”

“The reason we are not doing it the right way through the Pentagon with lots of weapons [is] because we think it would be impolite or against some kind of law or legalism because it’s [Kurdistan] not an independent state,” continued Krauthammer. “Who cares about the legalism? We’re in the middle of a shooting war.”

Krauthammer said the small arms have provided the Kurds with a psychological boost as they recaptured several cities that previously fell to the militants, but added even the Pentagon has said these small arms would not stop fighters’ momentum.