Charles Krauthammer said Tuesday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that the crisis on the border is hurting the president and his party, and President Obama needs to do something to save Democrats at the polls.

“The president has to have this stopped, because it contributes to this story shown in all the other elements abroad and at home: that his administration is incompetent, out of control, and unable to control anything,” Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist and a Fox News contributor said. "And with this continuing, he really can't tolerate that. His numbers will not survive, and the party will be roundly thrashed in November."

Krauthammer said he believes Obama will therefore acquiesce and accept changes to a 2008 trafficking law dealing with the treatment of child immigrants from Central America, despite objections from his liberal base.

“It’s the helplessness that I think is driving the president and the Democrats to accept,” Krauthammer said.