Jury silent on fourth day of deliberations in Edwards trial, as verdict awaits

Jury deliberations in John Edwards' trial on the cover-up of his affair are set to enter their fifth day, after Wednesday's session ended without a verdict.

The jurors stopped their talks Wednesday about 15 minutes earlier than usual because a juror needed to leave for a personal reason. The judge did not elaborate. The jury did not have any questions Wednesday and they did not ask for any evidence.

Prosecutors say Edwards, a former Democratic senator and failed presidential candidate, masterminded a plan to use money from two wealthy donors to hide his pregnant mistress as he sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008.

Edwards faces 30 years in prison if convicted of six campaign finance charges. The jury began deliberations Friday after nearly four weeks of testimony.

"The fact that we went a full day today without any requests for documents -- that's the first day that's happened -- maybe they've moved on to the other counts,"  said Kieran Shanahan, a former federal prosecutor who is now in private practice, but he cautioned, "We just don't know."

Fox News' Jonathan Serrie and the Associated Press contributed to this report.