Jindal knocks Obama's education policy at GOP debate

Education issues have received little attention in the last two Republican presidential primary debates, but were briefly spotlighted by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Wednesday in the undercard debate.

"Should for-profit schools be held accountable when they take taxpayer money and leave students deep in debt?" CNBC moderator Becky Quick said to Jindal.

"You either trust the American people to make their own choices, or you don't," Jindal said. "I know the Left thinks we need to be protected from ourselves. President Obama is trying to limit competition in the higher education market, as a result you're going to see tuition prices continue to go up. We've had a trillion dollars of student debt and counting and he wants to exempt certain schools from the same oversight he wants to apply only to the for-profit market. For some reason, the private sector is a bad word to this president, it's not in the real world."

As Quick noted, for-profit colleges make up 11 percent of the college population but 44 percent of student loan defaults.

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