As Wisconsin lawmakers on the lam were found in contempt by GOP leaders, Republican state lawmakers in Indiana, frustrated over the inability to act on 11 budget-related bills after Democrats fled the state to stall the measures, passed a resolution Thursday to fine the missing members $250 per day.

The resolution notes that the lawmakers have "fled the state of Indiana and issued press announcements indicating that they would not return unless eleven specified bills were removed from consideration by the House of Representatives for the rest of the session..."

Assembly members who don't show up at the state capitol in Indianapolis on Monday will have their pay garnished under the legislation.

"Effective Monday, March 7, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. each member of the House of Representatives who remains absent and unexcused shall be fined an amount of $250 per day for each session day absent until a quorum is next established and maintained ...," the resolution continued.

The 39 members of the assembly who have spent time holed up in an Illinois hotel were then named and the resolution called on them to return to Indianapolis and "to their constitutional duties."

"... the actions by the participating minority members have disenfranchised not only their own constituents, but all Hoosiers as no citizen's voice can be heard when legislative business cannot be conducted due to the lack of a quorum," the resolution said.