Mike Huckabee continues to spark speculation about whether he will get into the 2012 presidential race, but for now, the former Arkansas governor is getting into the educational cartoon field.

Huckabee has launched a new educational company called Learn Our History that aims to get kids excited about studying the nation's past.

The company's first product is an animated film series – available LearnOurHistory.com – that follows the adventures of the Time Travel Academy, a group of young friends who use a homemade time machine to travel back in time to relive America's history.

"America's youth aren't excited about our past because they're being taught history in a way that minimizes what has made America a beacon of hope around the world for over 200 years," Huckabee, a Fox News host, said in a statement.

"It's impossible to overestimate the importance of giving our children a historically accurate and unbiased education that allows kids today to enjoy and understand our history, and build their pride in our great nation," he said.

The first volume in the series highlights the Reagan era, where the characters experience the 1980 presidential election and President Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall" speech in Berlin.

The cartoon features some amusing and sometimes alarming retrospective of how things went down. In a clip, the teenagers encounter on the streets of Washington a dark-skinned mugger clad in a "Disco" muscle shirt and armed with a knife, demanding money. Other scenes of violence unfold before Reagan appears like a white knight with a message of hope and optimism.

"God had a plan for America," the cartoon version of Reagan says. "I see it as a shining city on a hill. If we ever forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be one nation gone under."

Future installments in the series will focus on World War II, the Sept. 11 attacks and the ensuing war on terror, the American Revolution, Christopher Columbus and the first Thanksgiving.

"Learn Our History is producing an impressive list of titles, spanning the earliest events that formed the nation to the latest struggles we grapple with today," Huckabee said. "Each video we produce is developed in cooperation with a respected team of educators and leading historians to ensure both historical accuracy and a learning experience that children will love."