How Middlebury students proved Charles Murray right

In his landmark book "Coming Apart," Charles Murray argued that wealthy Americans are increasingly isolated in cultural bubbles, a trend that is tearing the fabric of the country apart at its seams. Last Thursday, a mob of students protesting Murray at Middlebury College went a long way to proving him right.

In an effort to seal their school's bubble off from the voices of ideological dissent, student protesters refused to let Murray speak, descending upon his lecture in an unruly horde, ultimately leaving one professor in a neck brace for her efforts to escort him off campus.

Not coincidentally, Middlebury students are among the wealthiest in the entire country.

According to the New York Times, the average family income of a Middlebury student is $244,300, placing them in the 86th percentile nationally. Nearly one in every four Middlebury students comes from the top one percent, with 76 percent coming from the top 20.