House pushes Obama to get tough on ISIS

House leaders are working to see what they can do to prod President Obama to take tougher action against the Islamic State in the wake of deadly terrorist attacks in Paris blamed on the extremist group.

Lawmakers may insert provisions into a fiscal 2016 omnibus spending bill being drafted calling for a comprehensive strategy backed by a more aggressive U.S. posture, and also are considering whether to add money to a war funding account, House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry said Tuesday.

The Texas Republican is one of several committee chairmen on a task force created by House leaders to look at a number of concerns that have come up since the Paris attacks, which killed 129 and injured more than 350, and recommend new approaches.

The urgent matter on the agenda is an effort to seek a pause in the administration's plan to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees next year until a vetting process can be designed to ensure terrorists don't slip into the country with them. But Thornberry also noted that concerns have been raised about the Islamic State's continuing success in recruiting foreign fighters to join its forces in Syria and the group's ability to spread its ideas via social media, sometimes even inspiring "lone wolf" attacks.