House Plans to Do Border Security Bill Tuesday

Fox News has learned that the House of Representatives plans to debate and vote on a border security bill Tuesday that passed the Senate last week.

This puts two major legislative items on the docket tomorrow as the House comes back to Washington to vote on a $26 billion state aid bill to rescue the jobs of 140,000 teachers.

The House is expected to consider the legislation as a "suspension," which means the bill requires a two-third supermajority to pass.

Furthermore, the House cannot simply pass the same bill that the Senate adopted last week. Because of some structural issues, the House has to okay a new bill..and then send it to the Senate. It's unclear when the Senate may consider the new bill or if the Senate would even entertain the possibility of coming back from its August recess now or wait until September.

The border security package is popular among many vulnerable Democrats, particularly freshmen and second-termers who represent Arizona and New Mexico. Democrats were also concerned about returning to Washington just to vote on the $26 billion bill, which remains unpopular with some fiscally-conscious Democrats.

The bill adds 1,000 border security agents.