Here's how Paul plans to stand out in the next GOP debate

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul may not deliver a standout performance in the third Republican primary debate, but he hopes to stand out for something.

According to CNBC, the host of the Oct. 28 debate in Boulder, Colo., the remaining GOP candidates can expect to be grilled on a handful of economic issues including jobs, taxes, spending and the federal deficit.

The economy-themed debate will be the perfect opportunity, Paul says, for him to convince voters he's the only fiscal conservative in the Republican field.

"It's supposed to be about economics and domestic policy, but domestic policy is spending, spending is borrowing, and I just don't think you are fiscally conservative if you are for liberal spending with the military," Paul told the Washington Examiner Tuesday.

Thus, the Kentucky senator says his goal during the upcoming debate is to ensure "everybody in America knows you cannot be conservative if you are liberal with your ideas toward military spending."