Here's Bill Clinton, There's Bill Clinton, Everywhere there's Bill Clinton

Here's Bill Clinton, There's Bill Clinton, Everywhere There's Bill Clinton

By Bree Tracey

In St. Petersburg, Florida - Bill Clinton is there.

In Bristow, Virginia - Bill Clinton is there.

In Concord, New Hampshire - Bill Clinton is there.

Nowadays Bill Clinton is everywhere!

As President Obama jumps from battle ground state to battle ground state, campaigning the weekend before Election Day, he has one person by his side the entire way - former President Bill Clinton.

Even Vice President Joe Biden made an accidental comment today calling Obama "President Clinton" at a rally in Youngstown, Ohio.

After this weekend, Clinton will have attended close to 30 campaign events for Obama - four as joint rallies with the president.

"I have worked very hard in this campaign, but worked hard in the last one, too," Clinton said Sunday at a rally in New Hampshire during his 25-minute introduction for Obama.

Clinton said he did 40 events for Obama in 2008 but is "much more enthusiastic now than I was then."

As the Fleetwood Mac song "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" played in the background, the former and current presidents shook hands and embraced. It is this same image of friendship and full-fledged support that voters have witnessed since the 2012 Democratic National Convention when Bill Clinton took the stage as a keynote speaker.

"Maybe because I have done this work. Maybe because I know how hard it is. Maybe because I know how important words are, but deeds are more important, harder to come by, and I respect a president that goes to work every day, fights through, lives through disappointment, keeps looking for things that work," continued Clinton in New Hampshire.

During a briefing on Air Force One, Obama's Deputy Communications Director Jen Psaki said, "Obama enjoys the growth of their friendship and relationship. They have an easy rapport with each other."

Of course, this rapport was not so easy a few years ago. In 2008, when Hillary Clinton was campaigning to become president, Bill Clinton allegedly told Sen. Ted Kennedy: "A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags" referring to then-Sen. Obama in an attempt to convince Kennedy to endorse Hillary, according to The New Yorker.

Kennedy eventually endorsed Obama.

Despite this comment, Obama has fully embraced Clinton's support.

"Let me just say President Clinton has been traveling all across the country for this campaign. He has been breaking it down so well that people tell me I should ask him to be Secretary of Explaining Stuff," Obama said jokingly in New Hampshire.

Clinton will also rally for Obama supporters on Monday at events throughout Pennsylvania to continue the last leg of the campaign swing.