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Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy , Senate Lion and Liberal Champion, Dies at 77

Sen. Edward Kennedy, the longtime Massachusetts lawmaker whose personal tragedies along with his professional triumphs and losses unfolded in the public eye, died late Tuesday at his home in Hyannis Port after battling a brain tumor. He was 77.His family announced his death in a brief statement released early Wednesday. He is expected to be buried alongside his brothers at Arlington National Cemetery. "We've lost the irreplaceable center of our family and joyous light in our lives, but the inspiration of his faith, optimism, and perseverance will live on in our hearts forever," the statement said. "We thank everyone who gave him care and support over this last year, and everyone who stood with him for so many years in his tireless march for progress toward justice, fairness and opportunity for all."The Massachusetts Democrat was seen by many as an American version of a Greek tragedy. Born into political royalty, Kennedy's triumphs were often overshadowed by those of his brothers, John ...

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