Hayes on new questions about State Dept .and Clinton Foundation overlap

The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes said Thursday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that newly revealed e-mails continue to raise questions about impropriety between the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton State Department.

“This was a pay-for play-operation, basically people who solicited the Clinton Foundation, they gave money to the Clinton Foundation -- they got the State Department to weigh in on various disputes and matters, as a really routine course of action,” Hayes said.

One especially egregious example, Hayes said, was the role Clinton’s Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills played at the time.

“To have her travel to New York City for the purposes of basically interviewing two would-be leaders for the Clinton Foundation, and then to have [Clinton campaign spokesman] Brian Fallon say it was clear this had nothing to do with her official responsibilities is totally and completely preposterous on its face,” he said. “Of course it had everything to do with her official responsibilities. That's precisely why they sent her.”