As further details emerge on the deadly Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting, one Republican hopeful in particular is drawing the ire of left-wing journalists and officials affiliated with the nation's leading abortion provider.

"In wake of terrorism in Colorado Springs, Carly Fiorina proves herself a psychopath," read a headline Monday on the popular liberal blog Daily Kos.

The author of the article is one of many who have berated Fiorina, one of the leading abortion opponents in the GOP presidential field, since a man opened fire on police officers and civilians inside a Planned Parenthood clinic last Friday.

"[I]n the wake of a domestic terrorism attack against a Planned Parenthood clinic in which the terrorist apparently parroted the same "baby parts" line of reasoning that Carly Florina [sic] used to boost her fame on the campaign trail, she is behaving precisely as a psychopathic monster would be expected to behave," declared the Daily Kos article.

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