By this time next week, Kelly Rindfliesch could become the first political prisoner in what many see as a Democrat-led secret war on conservatives.

But while prosecutors driving the state's politically charged John Doe investigation push for Rindfleisch to begin serving a six-month jail sentence immediately, her attorney says he plans to ask a federal court to intervene.

Rindfleisch and political activist Eric O'Keefe, who is pushing back against the prosecutors as a target in the so-called John Doe II, spoke with Wisconsin Reporter in an exclusive after the state Supreme Court declined to take up Rindfleisch's appeal.

Rindfleisch, was convicted in 2012 on a nebulous charge of misconduct in public office for answering campaign emails while serving as an aide to Gov. Scott Walker when Walker was Milwaukee County executive.

The charge, like the prosecutors' sweeping search of Rindfleisch's computers and smartphones, appears to have been expansive and ill-fitting her "crimes."

But Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, a Democrat, and his assistants wanted the Walker aide to play ball and deliver something they could use, possibly to ensnare Walker -- the Republican's candidate for governor in 2010.

She didn't, she couldn't, and they charged her with a felony.

"This started with them (Milwaukee County District Attorney's office) trying to get something on Scott Walker while he was running for governor, and their aggressiveness increased with the passage of Act 10, and it was no holds barred," Rindfleisch said. "They were going to do whatever they had to do to get him, even if it destroyed other people."

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