In a complaint filed earlier this month, an Ohio state employee claims that former Ohio state Sen. Cliff Hite implored her for sex, describing himself as “a grown man with needs.”

The woman says in a memo filed Oct. 11 that on one occasion she had to tell Hite “no” eight or nine times before he gave up, the Toledo Blade reported.

Hite resigned from the state Senate Oct. 16.

The alleged harassment included Facebook posts, invitations to the former senator's condominium, and a request that the woman become his "f--- buddy," Cleveland.com reported.

According to the Blade, Hite responded to the woman’s complaint Oct. 25 by apologizing for his conduct, but saying he disagreed with “many of the representations in the complaint, some of which I don’t believe happened, were misunderstood, or were portrayed inaccurately.”

Hite acknowledged, however, that some of his comments to the woman were “inappropriate.”

"After we met, I sometimes asked her for hugs and talked with her in a way that was not appropriate for a married man, father, and grandfather like myself," Hite said, according to the Blade. "Beyond those hugs, there was no inappropriate physical contact.”

Hite, a 63-year-old married Republican, was appointed to an Ohio Senate vacancy in 2011 after serving in the state House of Representatives since 2007.

The woman was said to be a lawyer for the state’s Legislative Services Commission, which assists lawmakers in preparing legislative proposals.