The Biden administration is "anti-wall and A.W.O.L." during the border crisis, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey told "America's Newsroom" on Thursday, as DHS Secretary Alejandro Majorkas gets set to visit the border. 


DOUG DUCEY: We’ve had no interaction with the vice president or the president, we have had a conversation with Secretary Mayorkas and what he's going to see is a crisis and an emergency that needs action from the federal government. And they need to start responding to the border governors, to our requests. We need resources for the National Guard. They need to change the communication to the nation of Mexico. The Biden administration has been anti-wall and AWOL. They’re absent without leave. We need support on the southern border. 

Well, they don't like the narrative. It's a border crisis and it's a humanitarian crisis. We've had over 170,000 apprehensions on our southern border, 18,000 children that are in the custody of the federal government. The federal government's not a very good parent. The previous administration couldn't have been more clear. I think you saw an ABC report with Martha Raddatz actually asking migrants why they were coming to the United States. They were saying it was because Joe Biden was president. She asked them if they would have made the same journey under the Trump administration and they said, no. It couldn't be more clear that the administration is not properly communicating, but the border is closed. 


The press would have never put up with this in the previous administration, the press shouldn't put up with it in this administration. They've also named Vice President Harris as the lead on the border, yet she hasn't been to the border. She's also equated CBP and ICE to the KKK. This is someone who's never seen the border as a serious threat or a real issue. The border needs attention. This is not only going to affect Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California, but the rest of the country, as well as fentanyl and methamphetamine, spills over the border.