Donald Trump previews Thursday's RNC speech

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Donald Trump offered a preview Monday of his much-anticipated Republican National Convention speech, saying he plans to highlight “law and order” in the United States.

“I’m feeling more and more strongly about it when you see what’s going on,” Trump told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. “We have to demand from our politicians, who are weak right now, we have to demand law and order.”

Trump said he also plans to touch upon border security and employment in his Thursday evening speech.

“We’ll be talking about the wall and we’ll be talking about the tremendous tax decrease we will be given,” Trump said. “We’ll be getting rid of a lot of regulations, they’re absolutely killing businesses.”

The billionaire businessman said he will also highlight his plan to get rid of ObamaCare as well as taking care of military veterans.

Trump also slammed Ohio Governor and former rival John Kasich for not showing up to the Republican National convention.

“He has a problem though, he signed a pledge," Trump said. "And from a standpoint of honor, I think he should show up.”