Democratic senator breaks with liberals on abolishing ICE: 'Terrible idea'

Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly in an interview Monday broke with his liberal base, opposing single-payer healthcare and rejecting calls to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

“I think that’s a terrible idea,” Donnelly said, of the demands to dismantle ICE rippling through the Democratic Party in the aftermath of the child separations crisis sparked by President’s Trump’s zero tolerance policy for families caught illegally crossing the Southern border. “It’s important that we have strong, and safe, and secure borders, and ICE is a part of that.”

Donnelly, embroiled in a tough re-election bid with Republican businessman Mike Braun in what has become reliably conservative territory, also spurned liberals on healthcare. Nationalized insurance has caught the imagination of several Democrats running for state and federal office who are running, unapologetically, on establishing a government system that goes beyond anything imposed by Obamacare.

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