Some have legitimately complained that your comments haven't appeared on a timely basis.

Please, if I may, let me offer an explanation.

I must personally approve all comments to the blog. No comment is posted unless I hit an "approve" button. So far, I have approved every comment. My belief is the comment space belongs to you and I encourage any and all to join the conversation. I won't penalize someone for using profanity if it fits into what I think of as the proud tradition of Lenny Bruce, George Carlin and Richard Pryor (may they all rest in peace). No explanation here should be required.

I will re-check the comment section as often as I can. I honestly can't imagine a comment I wouldn't approve, but, please, dear readers, don't consider this an invitation to try.

My daily obligations on the air, conducting on-camera and off-air interviews and doing other research may intrude with my "comment approving" speed. I ask for your patience and welcome any and all commentary on this or any other subjects.

As loyal readers (you hearty few) have known for some time, I prefer longer form posts and sometimes have left this site dormant for days and days while I reported and composed these pieces. I will still do that. But I have also come to appreciate (horribly late, I now realize) the desire to read about and debate issues of the daily on an hour-by-hour basis. I will try to serve those desires as best I can.

More importantly, you have my commitment to monitor and approve comments as soon as I possibly can. To those who have been frustrated on this score, I apologize and promise better and more responsive service.

I am happy you consider this site worth checking and want to make it as much your forum as it is mine -- possibly even more so.

Thank you.