Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich have quit the GOP presidential primary race but continue to snipe about who’s to blame for letting front-runner Donald Trump crush them Tuesday in the Indiana primary and end both of their campaigns.

"Post mortem's on POTUS race must include a healthy dose of Kasich,” Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe tweeted Friday. “Defeating Trump required a head to head. Kasich kept that from happening.”

The campaigns formed a loose alliance in mid-March as Trump trounced in his home state of New York, then a week later swept in five Northeast primaries.

Cruz, in second place at the time, realized his brand of conservatism wouldn’t play well in that region and entered into a deal that would allow him to compete alone against Trump in Indiana, while allowing Kasich to compete head-to-head with Trump in Oregon and New Mexico.

However, the deal began to fray within hours of its conception, in part because of apparent voter trepidation.

Their deal was purportedly forged because Kasich refused to drop out and allow Cruz to go one-on-one with Trump.

Kasich chief strategist John Weaver apparently tweeted Friday in response to Roe’s comments: "Other losing campaigns, especially with candidates nearing record-level negative ratings & zero ability to grow, should look inward. #exuses"

Weaver also tweeted: "Nothing worse than entitled losers. … #Excuses I mean ... .”

Cruz, a Texas senator, was essentially eliminated from the race before Indiana, trailing Trump in the delegate county by an insurmountable number of them.

And Kasich, who won only his home state, had just 153 delegates in the race to win 1,237 of them to secure the party’s presidential nomination.