Hillary Clinton shouldn’t mention Israel in her campaign’s launch speech because it wouldn’t play well with Democratic Party activists, several top campaign advisers agreed last year.

The discussion, contained in the latest batch of hacked emails from campaign chairman John Podesta, took place in May 2015, as Clinton advisers were working on the candidate’s launch speech and the language that would become her stump speech.

Wikileaks posted the exchange online. The U.S. director of national intelligence and the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security have accused “Russia’s senior-most officials” of hacking and leaking emails to influence the 2016 election.

While discussing Clinton’s launch speech, Jake Sullivan, one of Clinton’s foreign policy advisers, suggested adding “a sentence on standing up for our allies and values, including Israel and other fellow democracies.”

Mandy Grunwald, a speechwriter, replied: “I thought this was largely for her TP [talking points] with public events not fundraisers. Do we need Israel etc for that?”

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