As the White House Press Corp anxiously awaits President Obama filing for re-election with the Federal Election Committee, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney teased the press Friday while making next week's scheduled announcements. "On Monday the president will..." Carney said, pausing as members of the press suggested, "File? File!"

But no, Carney told reporters. On Monday the president has no public events and will hold meetings at the White House.

There has been much speculation on when the president will file papers with the FEC, officially launching his intent to run for reelection next year and begin fundraising. On April 14th, Obama will hold a fund-raising launch in Chicago, where key members of his team have been laying the groundwork for the Obama 2012 Victory fund. He will have to file prior to that event, some of the press speculating as early as next week.

Teasing reporters, Carney continued with the president's schedule next week saying, "On Wednesday, the President will file, no, I'm sorry, travel to the Philadelphia area." The room of reporters erupted in laughter.

Carney wrapped the week of news at the White House telling the press, "more details about Thursday and Friday's schedule, including, (well, who knows (with a smile), early next week."