Buttigieg gives Swalwell the 'death stare' after challenging mayor to fire South Bend police chief

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg wasn't exactly thrilled with Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif, after the congressman challenged him to fire his city's police chief over the officer-involved shooting of Eric Jack Logan.

Buttigieg has taken some time off the campaign trail to handle a local crisis of the death involving a black man by a police officer with his body camera off. And the Democratic candidate has had to face many angry constituents and their exchanges have gone viral.

The Indiana mayor was pressed why the six percent black police force doesn't reflect the 26 percent black population in his city. Buttigieg plainly responded by saying he "couldn't get it done" but expressed his determination to address race relations between civilians and police.


When former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper questioned Buttigieg why it's taking "so long" to address the relations between the police and his black constituents, the mayor responded by boasting his "too much accountability" in the aftermath of the Logan shooting. But Swalwell interjected into the conversation.

"If the camera wasn't on and that was the policy, you should fire the chief," Swalwell told Buttigieg.

"So under Indiana law, this will be investigated and there will be accountability for the officer," Buttigieg responded.


"You're the mayor. You should fire the chief," Swalwell shot back, "if that's the policy and someone died."

While the moderators carried on to the next question, Buttigieg continued staring at his 2020 opponent.

When asked in the spin room if he believed Buttigieg should withdraw from the race and return home to South Bend to resolve the crisis, Swalwell flatly said "no."

"He has a right to run that is a personal decision for him. I am just saying as someone that was on city council... the mayor has fired a police chief in the past and this police chief as far as I can see it should be fired," Swalwell explained. "This is a test of leadership. We’re on the stage to show what we would do in the most excruciating and challenging situations. I’m just saying leadership should demand that someone is held accountable.”