editors to release Obama college protest footage on 'Hannity'

Top editors with plan to release extended footage on Fox News' "Hannity" Wednesday night showing President Obama at a protest from his college days.

A clip from that 1991 protest, in support of a Harvard professor whom claimed was a "radical academic tied to Jeremiah Wright," was released earlier Wednesday on BuzzFeed.

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The footage showed a young, casual-looking Obama offering kind words about the professor, Derrick Bell. Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review at the time, and had decided to join in on Bell's demonstration in support of faculty diversity at Harvard.

The future U.S. president praised Bell for "speaking the truth" and having "changed the standards of what legal writing is about."

But claimed there's more to the video and the protest. The website, previously run by Andrew Breitbart until he died last week, claimed Wednesday that the BuzzFeed clip had been "selectively edited."

Bell died last year. He was Harvard's first tenured black professor, and was known for theories on how racism is intertwined in the law.