Anyone who wants to live in the much-photographed home of Illinois' infamous former Governor Rod Blagojevich, is in luck. The large, corner lot, Chicago home is for sale.

If the walls of that dwelling could talk, the FBI would probably be listening closely, and recording as well.

While the Blagojevichs look for a buyer, the home, and a condo in Washington DC also owned by Blagojevich, are posted as collateral on a $450,000 bond set by a Federal Judge Friday in Chicago. The bond is meant to keep him coming to court when expected. While some might say Blagojevich can't seem to shut up, he'd better not fail to show up, otherwise he risks losing both properties. "I have no intention of violating the bond," Blagojevich told the judge.

Defense attorney Sheldon Sorosky said neither property has much value over what's due on the mortgages, "About $300,000 each" he said. The DC condo is being rented out.

Blagojevich was found guilty on 17 counts of bribery, wire fraud and conspiracy in connection with trying to sell President Obama's former senate seat.

Blagojevich, who entered the courthouse flanked by his wife Patti, couldn't resist stopping before the cameras before he left. "It's another day in court. Patty and I were here to comply as we always try to do with all the different rules and we signed all the necessary papers to comply with the bond requirements," he said.

Defense lawyers made it clear Friday that we haven't seen the last of the man known for his puffy black hair and love of all things Elvis. "We're preparing our motions for a new trial and they're due in about a week and everything in the motion for a new trial is a potential point to raise on an appeal," said Sorosky.