Vice President Joe Biden says that President-elect Donald Trump should “grow up” during an interview on Thursday.

During an interview on “PBS NewsHour,” Biden and Judy Woodruff discussed Trump’s use of Twitter and how the president-elect will communicate in the future. “Time to be an adult. You’re president. You’ve got to do something. Show us what you have,” Biden said.

The vice president also said that Trump as president will have to propose legislation that Congress and the public can then assess. He said that it'll be "much clearer what he's for and against" once he's in the position of governing.

In the PBS interview, the Vice President discussed many issues including healthcare. Biden said Republicans, “don’t think Health care is a right. They think it is a privilege.” Repealing and replacing ObamaCare has been a top priority for the Trump team.

“Mr. Trump’s a good man but he doesn’t know much about the healthcare system,” Biden added.

Biden also addressed issues such as foreign policy, Russian hacking, and Trump’s cabinet picks, among others during his interview.

The vice president called it “dangerous” for Trump to criticize the intelligence community in such a public way, saying that “words matter.” He said Trump is claiming that he knows more than the intelligence agencies.

Biden said that's like saying, "I know more about physics than my professor." He says that's ‘worrisome’, but he assumes Trump's behavior will change.

The vice president plans to work on issues that are of “overwhelming concern” to him, including public policy, saying he “wants to stay engaged” after his time in office.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.