Biden to keep Wray as FBI director

Wray has less than seven years left in his 10-year term as director

President Biden is expected to keep FBI Director Christopher Wray in his post during his administration, Fox News has learned.

Biden signaled last month that he intended to keep Wray at the helm at the FBI.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in a tweet Thursday afternoon said "President Biden intends to keep FBI Director Wray on in his role and he has confidence in the job he is doing." 


Psaki appeared to be referring to her comments during her first White House press briefing on Wednesday, when she was asked whether Biden had confidence in the FBI director. 

Psaki said she had not spoken with the president "about specifically FBI Director Wray in recent days," but said she would "circle back" is there was "more to convey." 

Wray has less than seven years left on his 10-year term, which he began on Aug. 2, 2017. Former President Donald Trump, who tapped Wray to lead the bureau, had a contentious relationship with him throughout his tenure.

In October, senior officials told Fox News that Trump was considering removing Wray from his post should he win re-election.


Wray does not consider himself a political person, and has widespread support within the bureau.

In October, the FBI agents Association sent letters to both Biden and Trump in support of Wray finishing out his term.

"Collectively, our members strongly support Director Wray continuing his 10-year term," the association wrote. "FBI special agents respect Director Wray’s leadership and look forward to continuing to work with him to protect this great country from national security and criminal threats."

The association also defended Wray, saying he "operates independently from partisan activities," and warned that any changes to bureau leadership could pose a risk to national security.