Ben Carson's national security go-to guy

Suddenly, the Paris attacks make us want to know who, exactly, is advising the would-be presidents on the world they want to lead and the dangers it contains.

Retired Army Major General Bob Dees has been around and done a few things.

Call up Wikipedia and look him up. I don't have the space to list his accomplishments or his expertise, but he could serve on any board of any publicly traded company to the great benefit of its shareholders. He is, as is the case with almost every two-star and higher retired military, almost light-years ahead of the average civilian in understanding the dangers of our new world.

General Dees is also Ben Carson's senior adviser on defense and national security affairs.

I was introduced to him by Armstrong Williams, Carson's business manager and close friend. "Call him and ask him about Dr. Carson's grasp of national security matters," Williams had directed me during our meeting a fortnight ago, moments after he had dialed up the general to ask him to speak with me about Carson's suitability to serve as commander-in-chief.