89 Days to Decide: Senate Candidate Hits Below the Belt With McMahon Ad

One of two Republicans challenging former wrestling CEO Linda McMahon for the Senate nomination in Connecticut is trying to give his campaign a last-minute kick, posting a new online ad that shows his opponent repeatedly striking a guy in the groin.

The video of McMahon dramatically kicking the man in a suit is from her glory days in the ring at World Wrestling Entertainment. But stock broker and candidate Peter Schiff runs the clip of the guy buckling over no fewer than five times, while the voiceover claims McMahon has committed similar violence against her party by donating to Democrats and allegedly backing bailouts.

"Liberal Linda McMahon has kicked Republicans for years," the narrator says.

Show groin shot.

"McMahon supporting Obama's bailouts -- isn't that just a kick in the ...?" the narrator concludes.

Show groin shot.

Though the ad has gotten plenty of attention, the primary is just a week away and McMahon leads handily. She's running in the primary against Schiff, who runs his own equity firm and acted as the economic adviser for Rep. Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign, and former Rep. Rob Simmons.

McMahon's campaign dismissed the Schiff ad. Spokesman Shawn McCoy referenced a comment Schiff's campaign previously made on Twitter suggesting McMahon missed a debate because she was "washing her hair."

"We already know Peter believes Linda belongs at home washing her hair and doing laundry rather than in the Senate ... It's not surprising he's chosen to launch unfair and misleading attacks -- his positions really scare people," McCoy said.

The Schiff campaign said it was merely drawing "attention to the fact that Linda was a no show" with the hair-washing Tweet and disputed the suggestion that the comment was sexist. The campaign defended its latest ad.

"As for sexist, she would know that term well -- she and her husband profited off of tawdry story telling for years," campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Millikin said. "Given her wrestling background, Linda McMahon knows all about kicks to the groin and cheap shots."

Simmons is back in the race after initially pulling out in May after losing his party's nomination to McMahon. Now the Vietnam veteran and one-time CIA officer is arguing his military background will give him the best chance of beating the Democratic candidate in the fall.

The Democrat is Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who was lambasted by the press for implying he fought in Vietnam when he served in the Marine Corps Reserves in the United States.

The latest Quinnipiac University poll shows McMahon leading by double digits over her GOP competitors. The survey showed her leading 47-30 over Simmons, with Schiff pulling 14 percent. But it showed Blumenthal leading McMahon by 10 points in a general election matchup.

Fox News' Molly Line contributed to this report.