For months the Obama administration has dropped the “cone of silence” over ObamaCare. They don’t want to talk about it for a very good reason—most Americans continue to believe the health care law will hurt the nation.

They’re right.

As the president raises hundreds of millions of dollars for his reelection campaign the last thing in the world he wants is to do is talk about terrible public policy he can’t blame on George Bush. It’s the president’s “signature issue” and it’s shaping up to be a bigger disaster than even critics foresaw.

How does he explain, after all, that his health care reform requires small businesses with 50 employees to add costly expanded coverage or pay substantial fines if they hire one more employee? The perverse effect on our small business engine of growth at the very moment when it is most needed has been that all hiring has stopped. Explain that.

What does he say to all those Americans he repeatedly scolded that they could keep their own doctors after passage of the bill? Several recent surveys of employers predict that as many as half of all employers will drop health care coverage and pay the fines because it’s less costly. What happens to all those employees? Tens of millions will be sent into government run health exchanges--without their own doctors.Good luck finding doctors to treat them in less than a few months.

The law of supply and demand pretty obviously dictates that you can’t add 30 million new patients to a finite supply of doctors without destroying any chance of being treated quickly.

Who wants to talk about the waiting lists in Canada or the 800,000 people waiting for needed surgeries in Great Britain? Not candidate Obama and not the Democratic Senators who are up for reelection on a legislative record of first enacting ObamaCare and then voting twice against repeal. The fact that so many doctors say they’ll quit once the law is fully implemented, it will make an inevitably bad situation even worse.

In a nation that threw off the rule of kings and aristocrats how does he explain that a panel of government bureaucrats beyond the reach of Congress or even the courts who will soon decide what treatments will be provided? Even Democrats have become skittish about this.

For that matter, illegal immigrants will likely get free ObamaCare under a recently announced program. That means that the national debt certainly will climb even higher, despite promises to the contrary. Rationing will inevitably take place and health insurance costs will continue to rise faster than ever. Please Mr. President, can you explain the point of this reform again?

No, it would be much better for all those who rammed this bad law down the throats of an unwilling public to tip-toe right past it but the American people have not forgotten.

This week my campaign delivers 1.6 million petitions to the Senate demanding the repeal of ObamaCare. Last week our supporters made more than 25,000 phone calls to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and other Democrats who have refused to admit the obvious truth: this law is a disaster.

The White House almost escaped scrutiny from the mainstream media last week when they conceded that the Supreme Court should take up the Constitutional questions surrounding ObamaCare as soon as possible. But how can they justify making every American buy insurance when such a sweeping power is not specifically “enumerated” in the Constitution?

We’re sure the White House already relied upon the advice of then Solicitor General Elena Kagan, to spin a legal theory. They’ll doubtlessly be counting on Justice Kagan for a sympathetic ear at the Supreme Court.

Our petitioners believe that laws passed without the “consent of the governed” should be repealed by the same legislators but there are three paths to repeal: the Supreme Court, the legislature and the polling booth.

We are determined to see this destructive law repealed in Congress before more damage is done, more promises are broken and before it ever arrives at the Supreme Court. Our economic recovery depends on it and, as politicians inWashington are beginning to realize, so do a lot of incumbent election hopes. Let’s talk about that, Mr. President.

Ken Hoagland is chairman of Repeal It Now.org and Restore America’s Voice Foundation. Television ads have resulted more than 1.6 million petitions demanding repeal of ObamaCare. Of those petitions 535,000 were delivered to House members the day before the House of Representatives voted to repeal ObamaCare. This week 1.6 million petitions are scheduled for delivery to the Senate.