Why Did Obama Do It?

President Obama has finally drawn a line in the sand. Not on whether or not to prosecute former Bush administration officials, not on the public option, or whether or not to send more troops into Afghanistan. He’s finally taken a firm stand on…the 2016 Olympics?

President Obama traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark on Friday, on a different plane from his wife Michelle and talk show queen Oprah Winfrey, to try to secure Chicago’s bid for the games (can someone do a carbon emission calculation on that?). While he was in Denmark he did meet the Danish Royal Family and also his top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

Besides the fact that he has bigger fish to fry than assuming the duties typically reserved for a metropolitan mayor, this is the only time we’ve actually seen the president appear so absolute.Well, except for when he picked a dog.

While his trip is certainly within the province of presidential duty, it begs the question, why did he do it?

As the Brazilians celebrate, he looks foolish, not to mention weak to the world. If the president had been able to peddle his influence and bring the games to Illinois, he would have looked effective now, and not coincidentally, effective at the end of his second term (provided he wins one) when the games would take place.-- Talk about historic grandeur and a sure way to memorialize one’s legacy!

If the economy was healthy, and Obama had brought home a win for Chicago today, he would have looked presidential. Republicans still would have shouted the converse but they would have looked petty.

Now, with unemployment bordering on double digits, an economy still in need of rescue, and the games headed for Rio, Obama looks a like a president all right -- one with his priorities out of wack and his purported influence on the world stage non existent. Guess what? Obama's missed his first basket at small ball.

Andrea Tantaros is a conservative commentator and columnist. Follow her on Twitter: @andreatantaros.