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Political Grapevine: 12/15

Congressional push to drop charges against three Navy SEALs

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  1. Pastor Cancels 9/11 Koran Burning

    All-Star panel weighs in on Florida religious leader's change of heart

  2. To Pee or Not to Pee

    Can you really die from holding your urine?

  3. U.S.-Europe Terror Threat Connection

    Homeland Security, FBI cite previous small-scale attacks as part of emerging picture

  4. Hot Topic

    Climate change summit opens in Denmark

  5. Obama Addresses Nation on Libya

    President explains U.S. involvement in international effort to prevent humanitarian crisis

  6. How to Do the Mind Control Trick

    Use number properties to make people believe you can read their minds.

  7. Controversial Data

    U.N. climate experts say this decade is warmest on record

  8. Nation of Whiners?

    Former Sen. Gramm says U.S. in grip of 'mental recession'

  9. Windy City Blown Away

    Chicago loses out to Rio de Janeiro as the host of the 2016 Olympics

  10. Clinton Talks Ongoing Situation In Libya

    Clinton: Arab participation critical

  11. Egg Salmonella Scare Spreads

    Tips for staying healthy amid egg recall

  12. Protests Turn Violent Over Austerity Cuts in Brussels

    EU Parliament member Daniel Hannan on financial crisis hitting Europe, Libyan conflict

  1. Holy War on the Horizon?

    Christians, police clash after Egypt church bombing

  2. Dog Saves Dog

    Hero pup saves doggy pal

  3. Around the World

    Russia's president meets with Ukraine's president; bear stops by sandwich shop in Canada

  4. Terror Plot Foiled in Denmark

    5 suspects taken into custody

  5. Abandon Ship!

    Danish navy sinks Somali pirate vessel, arrests crew

  6. Religious Tension

    Ahmed Rehab of CAIR joins Alan to respond to the issues facing the Muslim community today

  7. Vaccines: Bad Combination?

    Could simultaneous vaccines cause autism?

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