Who You Gonna Believe? The Golden Globes or Movieguide?

By Mark Joseph Producer/Author, Editor, Bullypulpit.com

I've never quite understood how the average American gets fooled by the Golden Globes. I think they actually give it whatever attention they do because they don't quite understand that its voters are members of the foreign press trying to tell Americans what movies they should be liking and attempting to influence members of the Academy who are preparing their Oscar picks. But Americans really don't like being told what to like-- by foreigners or by journalists, and especially not by foreign journalists.

This year I'll drop in on an awards ceremony that is slightly more representative of the views of the average American, the Movieguide Awards.Although there was this hilarious pieceby Joel Stein of The LA Times on last year's ceremony, I honestly can't figure out why this awards night doesn't get much media coverage and isn't televised, while the Golden Globes are. It's a mystery. I'm not sure who gets to vote for the Movieguide winners, but I'm pretty sure they're Americans and if most American viewers were given the choice of watching an awards ceremony whose winners were chosen by foreign journalists versus one chosen by their fellow citizens, I have a feeling I know which one they'd be setting their TiVo's for.