At the close of today’s election in Massachusetts, we’ll know just what kind of cat Barack Obama really is.

The seat up for grabs in the Bay State belonged to the “liberal lion” Ted Kennedy. After his inauguration last year, Barack Obama looked like a lion himself, with many of his supporters believing him powerful enough to move people with his words, to get whatever he wanted.

But like a cat with his back up, Obama may have just looked bigger than he really is.

Over the past year as the power behind Obama’s words on his TelePrompter were put to the test he failed repeatedly. 

On January 22, 2009, just two days after he took the oath of office, the president issued an order to close Guantanamo Bay in one year (how’s that working out?). The lion shrunk to a jaguar.

He promised to remove all troops from Iraq in 15 months. -- By that he meant 19 months. This, of course, is an obvious statement of “whenever.” Maybe he’s the size of a leopard.

He took over General Motors in May. It went bankrupt in June. Obama seemed no bigger than a panther.

In October, Obama went to Copenhagen to convince the Olympic Committee to bring the games to Chicago. They told our ferocious bobcat of a president “no.”

In December he spoke at the Copenhagen climate change conference and came home empty handed (Wow! Stay out of Copenhagen!). Nice job, tabby.

Today comes Massachusetts’ election for Ted Kennedy’s former Senate seat. The task of electing a Democrat there should have been easy, since a Republican hasn’t held that seat since World War II.

Obama campaigned in person for Democrat Martha Coakley. There are currently no Senators and no Representatives who are Republican in the state of Massachusetts. The northeast is the most Democratic place in the country. If President Obama can’t deliver a Democrat there, he is nothing more than a paper tiger.

Tommy De Seno is an attorney and commentator. Get more Tommy at JustifiedRight.com.