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World War II

Navajo Code Talkers

Bill Toledo and Frank Willetto, two of the famed Navajo Code Talkers, tell Alan the fascinating story behind their covert role in World War II

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  1. Lost and Found

    'Hunt for the Samurai Submarines' uncovers unprecedented technology from World War II

  2. Portrait of an American Hero

    Incredible survival story of an Olympic star turned World War II hero

  3. On This Day: 8/15

    In 1945, the Empire of Japan surrenders to the U.S. ending World War II

  4. Visions of the Future

    Renowned physicist Michio Kaku tells Alan what he thinks life might be like at the end of the current century.

  5. Use the Nslookup Command-Line

    Use the Nslookup Command-Line Tool to test your DNS servers using these steps.

  6. Coming Up on 'Special Report'

    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  7. Japan Faces Nuclear Threat

    Officials racing to prevent meltdown, radiation exposure

  8. Obama: U.S. Prevented 'Massacre' in Libya

    KT McFarland on the president's speech

  9. Getting a Grip on Spending

    What can be trimmed from the budget?

  10. Cops Raid Wrong Home

    Injure elderly man in mistaken drug hunt

  11. Lame Duck Congress Leaves Obama Feeling Mighty Good

    President bounces back from midterm shellacking

  12. Medal of Freedom Recipients

    President Obama awards citizens with nation's highest civilian honor

  1. Tricked into War?

    Did FDR set stage for Pearl Harbor attack?

  2. Lessons From the Past

    Can FDR's policies help fix the economy?

  3. Judge Napolitano's History of Liberty, Part 4

    Judge Napolitano looks at FDR's state and LBJ's society for Fox Nation

  4. Obama's Sub Shop Summit Draws Criticism

    'Sopranos' actor Vince Curatola on why president's visit to New Jersey to talk small business is a sham

  5. Dick Cheney Part 2

    Former VP calls 9/11 terror trials a 'huge mistake'

  6. 11-Year-Old Raising Money to Honor World War II Hero

    Jordan Brown salutes an American hero

  7. Vandalism of USS Emmons Sparks Outrage From Veterans

    Veterans say memories of those lost onboard World War II ship are being desecrated

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