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Happy New Year, we've got some good news for you. 2022 is going to be an improvement over the last two years. We can say that with confidence. How do we know? It's simple. The COVID lunacy is finally going to end and not by the way, because of anything that's happening in the world of medicine. The pandemic itself may burn out thanks to this weakened new variant. We may also find highly effective medicines to treat it. In fact, we already have. 

But as a practical matter, scientific developments are usually irrelevant to COVID policy. They always have been. So the reason things are going to improve has nothing to do with medicine. It's that the current rules and superstitions are just too stupid and crazy to continue. At some point, probably soon, even the Democratic Party's own voters are going to stop putting up with it. You can bet on that. 


To prove it will begin with two images tonight, the first is the President of the United States, Joe Biden. Now Biden is the safest man in the world. Hundreds of federal employees spend their entire lives making certain that no harm comes to Joe Biden. When you're the president, your personal doctor is never more than a few steps away. An ambulance follows you the minute you leave the house. You can have any treatment you want at any time you want. As many vaccines as you care to take. Nobody in history has received more attentive medical care than Joe Biden is getting right now. He's the last person on Earth who should be worried about COVID-19, and yet he's terrified. 

Biden was on the beach last week. He's outside. It's a breezy day. There's no one around but his own triple vaxxed wife, the woman he claims to share a bed with. You'd think Joe Biden would consider this a safe environment, but no, he wore a little surgical mask as he walks through the sand. 

What you've got to ask yourself, does Joe Biden imagine is going to hurt him? And how is the little mask supposed to help? Is he worried about wave-borne viruses, clouds of pathogens floating over the Atlantic from the Azores infected seagulls? We don't know. It's impossible to know the answers because it's all so completely bonkers. These are not rational fears. These are monsters under the bed night terrors. This is textbook hysteria. It's a kind of mental illness. That's your president. 

Here's your secretary of defense. His name is Lloyd Austin. This summer he emerged from his plane on a tour of the Philippines more afraid of the coronavirus even than Joe Biden is. Biden wears a surgical mask. Lloyd Austin wears a welding helmet with a surgical mask underneath and underneath that, there's as much MRNA vaccine in Lloyd Austin's bloodstream as the law will allow. Lloyd Austin is ready to wage a protracted siege against COVID. Think of the Romans at Masada. Austin as the leader of the Branch Covidians. 

And yet somehow, in some way a chink must have appeared in Lloyd Austin's formidable corona armor, a gap in his viral fortifications. Yesterday, Lloyd Austin announced that despite his many vaccinations, he has contracted COVID and it's serious enough they won't be going to work for a while. So what's the lesson that Lloyd Austin is taking from this? Well, that the vaccines work perfectly and because they work so well, they will remain mandatory in the armed services. We can fire more SEALs. Austin wrote that in the same statement in which he announced the vaccines that he took didn't work. Quote the vaccines work and will remain a military medical requirement for our workforce. Right. Because that's not completely irrational or anything. But it is completely irrational. And every clear-thinking person knows that it is. 


But wait, you say, I've been watching television news, so I know that the vax was never designed to stop infection or transmission or even hospitalization and death, none of which as a factual matter it does stop. No, the point of the vaccines was always to make your symptoms a little better. That's a reassuring metric that's usefully difficult to measure, though strangely, no one seems reassured by it. But from day one, that was the advertised benefit of these vaccines. That's what many people appear to believe, but it's not true. And since so many people seem to have forgotten what the authorities were saying just a few months ago, we have saved those tapes. 

NBC REPORTER, MAY 2021: Nationwide just 37% of Americans are vaccinated even as health experts continue to tout the benefits. FAUCI: You become a dead end to the virus and when there are a lot of dead ends around, the virus is not gonna go anywhere // WALENSKY, APRIL 2021: Our data from the CDC today suggests, you know, that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don`t get sick // BIDEN, JULY 2021: We’re not in a position where we think that any virus — including the Delta virus, which is much more transmissible and more deadly in terms of unvaccinated people. The various shots that people are getting now cover that.  You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations

Quote, you're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations. That was Joe Biden this July. Poor old guy. Biden's preference for simple, childlike sentences is so often his undoing, as in this case, there is no mistaking what he actually meant. Take the shot and you won't get COVID. Well, that turned out to be untrue, to put it mildly. How many vaccinated people do you know right now who have COVID or have just recovered from COVID? It seems like millions of people who dutifully got the vaccine also got corona over this past Christmas vacation. You probably know a lot. You may be one of them. And in fact, it's possible there's a connection between these two facts. Research suggests that it's possible the vaccinated are more likely to get and transmit this virus than the unvaccinated are. Whatever the final verdict, now we don't know, what is clear is that people who've had the shot can easily get infected and easily give it to others. The epicenter of the latest outbreak was the most vaccinated city in the country New York

So at this point, there is no remaining doubt the experts were completely wrong about what the vaccines could do, and to be honest, that's OK. We're not attacking them. It is not a crime to be wrong. We've been wrong. There are a lot of wrong guesses in science, as there are in life. Science is not a volume of established knowledge, science is a way of thinking. It's a process of seeking the truth. And very often in scientific research, you discover that your assumptions were totally off. So you just adjust from there. Viagra started out as a heart medication. 

There's nothing immoral about any of that. You just have to admit that you were wrong. That's the requirement. You cannot lie. Lying is the enemy of science. If you are still pretending that the COVID vaccines work as advertised, you are a liar. There's no way around it. You have no place in public health or even hosting a show on CNN. You're doing too much damage to the country. No one will ever believe you or anyone like you ever again. 


So that's the first thing we've got to do if we're going to go from this disaster to a better future, we've got to insist that the people in charge stop lying about COVID. They have been lying since the first day lying about everything, including the most basic public health stats that we used to rely on. When they told you that the BLM protests were exempt from quarantine regulations, supporting the policy goals of the Democratic Party was virtuous. Therefore, thousands of people –  Antifa members with BLM signs – could not, possibly as an epidemiological matter, be dangerous. That really happened. They really said that. And people, the public actually put up with it. And that's when you knew for certain that our politicians were totally corrupt and that our citizenry was far too compliant. Here's Bill de Blasio, the former mayor of New York. 

Mayor De Blasio: Street fairs, it means big outdoor concerts, it means parades. Things that here in this city can mean tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people. It’s just not time for that. // Wolf Blitzer: What about protests? If people want to march down 5th avenue are they going to be allowed to do so? De Blasio: Look Wolf, this is always an area of real sensitivity. If you’re just talking about health we would say ‘hey folks, stay home if you can,’ but we understand at this moment in history people are talking about the need for historic changes." // "This is a historic moment of change. We have to respect that."

It's a historic moment of change. That's the guy in charge of health policy in our biggest city, actually, de Blasio is gone now, but for some reason his hastily issued COVID proclamations remain in force in New York City. Why? Because everyone's afraid to ignore them, despite the fact they make no sense. So whose fault is that? Honestly, it's our fault. If we want better politicians, we have to be better citizens. What does that mean? It means following common sense, and the tug of our own consciences before we submit to absurd and transparently political dictates. It means telling the truth about our leaders who lie. We have no reason to be ashamed when we do that. They do. 

Unfortunately, Tony Fauci is not ashamed, he never will be ashamed, he's 81. He's been lying for a long time. He's also he often tells us he’s an august man of science, someone ought to ask Tony Fauci how many biological sexes there are. That'd be pretty amusing. In any case, here's Fauci the liar admitting that he lied. This is from last Wednesday. He lied about how many kids have been hospitalized from COVID.

FAUCI: If you look at the children that are hospitalized, many of them are hospitalized with COVID, as opposed to because of COVID. What we mean by that: if a child is hospitalized they automatically get tested for covid and they get counted as a covid hospitalized individual when in fact they may go in for a broken leg or appendicitis or something like that. It’s overcounting the number of children who are quote hospitalized with covid as opposed to of covid

Oh, so it turns out it wasn't COVID, after all, the kids didn't really have COVID in a bad way. COVID isn't really a threat to kids. Looks like the conspiracy theorists who are now banned from Twitter were right all along, the official numbers were fake. Those kids were in the hospital for broken bones and appendicitis not COVID. Tony Fauci, for his own political reasons, has finally admitted this, but it's too late. He spent two years crushing the weakest among us, and they are indeed crushed. 


Imagine wearing a mask to second grade. Imagine never seeing your teacher's face or watching your friends laugh. Imagine being older. Imagine spending junior year of high school alone in your room with only the internet for company. What would happen to you? You'd be badly damaged. Kids in America have been badly damaged. The numbers show it clearly this is a crime. No one has been prosecuted for the crime. No one likely ever will be prosecuted for it. But once again, we have saved the tape, if only so the reality of what frauds like Tony Fauci have done to young people will not be forgotten. Here's the scene, for example, at a public high school in Washington state, the spring.

REPORTER: Wenatchee High School finding a socially distant solution to get the band back together. // These so-called pods are set up in the band and choir rooms, Individual students getting inside, zipping themselves in, and then removing their masks to play their instruments or to sing

Band practice inside plastic pods, it's grotesque, it's amusing in a way. We'll watch that video 10 years from now in slack-jawed disbelief where they realized that nuts in 2021. Yes, they were. But really, it's not a joke. Treating healthy children like they're untouchables is mean as hell. It's a very destructive thing to do. It's immoral. These kids weren't hurting anyone. They couldn't hurt anyone. And yet our public health authorities hurt them, mostly because they could so that 81-year-old Tony Fauci could feel safe. Their childhoods were destroyed. Was it worth it? No, it was not worth it. 

Healthy societies work to make certain the youngest generations thrive. They're the ones who carry on civilization. What our leaders have done to young people over the last two years is unforgivable, and we should never allow anything like that to happen again. The next time the teen suicide rate spikes, the rest of us should stop immediately what we're doing. Find out what's causing it and fix it. Nothing's more important than that. 


And while we're at it one more thing, the last two years have unleashed an awful lot of cruelty in our society, you see it everywhere. David Frum, a former adviser to George W. Bush, proposed that hospitals should withhold lifesaving medical treatment from anyone who won't get the shot. It's grotesque, but no one in authority denounced Frum's idea. Many doctors applauded it. It's hard to imagine something like that happening even two years ago. It's too cruel. Americans didn't used to talk about each other like this. Now it's very common. What does it tell you? It tells you that Americans are dangerously angry. We need to fix that. The people in charge have done the opposite. They've done nothing to calm the population. They've stoked the rage and they've leveraged it. Why? Because they benefit when the American population is divided against itself. 

Joe Biden actually went on television a few weeks ago to explain that unvaccinated Americans have no right to use American hospitals. So much for health care as a human right. That was the Democratic Party's old talking point. Now it's obey or die. What does this go? You know where it goes? The next step, of course, is internal passports fully digitized, so there's no escape. You'll do what the Democratic Party commands, or you will stay in your home. You will no longer have a right to travel freely within your own country. That's not a conspiracy theory. People are saying it out loud. It's coming. Momentum is building for it right now. There's no pushback. 


Republican leaders in Washington have done nothing to stop this. They're focused on their own hobby, another round of nation-building a brand-new war in eastern Ukraine. They're contemptible.

But where does it leave the rest of us? Well, it's up to the public to apply the brakes to what is certainly the most threatening idea ever proposed in the United States. American citizens are the only hope. The good news is we think they're probably equal to it.

This article is adapted from Tucker Carlson's opening commentary on the January 3, 2022, edition of "Tucker Carlson Tonight."