Tucker Carlson blasts critical race theory advocates, asks 'Why haven't they resigned?'

Fox News host accuses CNN boss of targeting show for 'crime of criticizing critical theory'

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CNN President Jeff Zucker should resign from his job if he believes in critical race theory and its arguments about white privilege, Fox News host Tucker Carlson argued Tuesday.

The "Tucker Carlson Tonight" host devoted the opening segment of his program to the reaction that followed President Trump's announcement last week halting critical race theory training for federal employees.

"White privilege is very real, they're telling you. It is time for a 'reckoning on race relations,'" Carlson said during his monologue. "You hear that all the time, but at some point, you've got to wonder why any of these people, the most privileged people in America, still have their jobs. If they meant what they were saying, why haven't they resigned and given their highly-paid gigs to oppressed people?


"That's a very good question," the host continued. "It's the core question and someone ought to ask Jeff Zucker about that some time. Zucker is the head of CNN, he's a graduate of Harvard University. He's been in television his entire adult life. Jeff Zucker is the embodiment of privilege if there ever was one. According to critical race theory, the theory that he espouses and defends, Jeff Zucker got his job precisely because of systemic racism. So why does he still have it? How can he bear to hold that job?

"Needless to say, Jeff Zucker has no plans to resign. Instead, according to sources, he ordered his minions to attack this show for the crime of criticizing critical theory," Carlson went on. "And, over the weekend, the most dutiful ones did just that."

Carlson then played a clip of CNN media analyst Brian Stelter discussing Trump's order on his Sunday show "Reliable Sources" and noting that Carlson "gets results."


"They're children. They do what they're told," Carlson responded. "This morning, we are told, Jeff Zucker instructed the entire CNN news operation to keep up the attacks on this show, which is fine. We can't control it. Good luck with that, go crazy. But as long as Jeff Zucker holds onto his own job, which, according to their own talking points, is the ill-gotten fruit of White privilege and systemic racism, we will know for certain they do not mean a single word of what they are saying because of course they don't mean it.

"They never did," he added. "Meanwhile, we are learning how deeply this poison has penetrated into the federal agencies."