Time to get grateful, Justin Bieber

Time to get grateful, Justin Bieber

What's more irksome than an overpaid celebrity whining? An overpaid TEENAGE celebrity whining. In London. About their birthday party.

Yep, add Justin Bieber to the ever-growing list of petulant I-want-it-all-even-though-I-already-have-it-all glitterati. Apparently Justin had planned to hit some fab nightclub with a whole bunch of swells after performing a concert, which no doubt lined his pockets with a few hundred thousand bucks. As it turns out, some of his plans went awry when an underage guest (Will Smith's son) wasn't allowed in. This caused His Royal Sighness to Tweet that he was experiencing his "worst birthday."

My heart bleeds not for Justin Bieber. If I had a few moments with Justin, I would suggest he try this on for size: Shut up and get grateful. Today  -- this very day --there are thousands of people having their truly worst birthday. There are lovely hardworking individuals around the world who were just diagnosed with cancer. There are husbands burying wives. There are mothers visiting sons in jail. There are girls being sold as sex slaves whose souls are aging much faster than their bodies.

I'm sorry to be so serious about this, Biebs, but in the real world, people get evicted on their birthdays, they get mugged and they go hungry.

It’s time you and every other narcissistic celeb count your blessings and know that you are rich and living the high life for one reason only: regular people. It’s the great unwashed who buy your music, concert tickets and T-shirts. It's the masses of flyover country who fill your coffers and pay for your security to keep those same people at a safe distance.

I have news for you, Justin Bieber ... You're in the middle of a fantasy life. Every shiny, glittery step you take and mile you fly is courtesy of a whole lotta people who would give their left arm to have an eighth of what you MADE on your birthday for a whole lifetime.

Justin Bieber, you just had an AMAZING birthday ... And you're welcome.