Forget about the National Cancer Institute or the Mayo Clinic. Forget even the genuinely fine cancer therapy of Max and Charlotte Gerson. If you get inoperable cancer, buy a one-way ticket to Libya. Muammar al-Qaddafi will cure you.

After all, Qaddafi has just worked his miraculous wonders on Abdel Baset Al-Megrahi, the infamous Lockerbie bomber.

Two hundred seventy people died on that plane. It was cold-blooded mass murder. Al-Megrahi was convicted by due process of a disgusting crime, by a Scottish court of law and sentenced to life imprisonment. However, exactly one year ago today, he was freed by the government of Scotland.

There was a lot of skulduggery behind that story.

Then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, as shifty a pious hypocrite as you ever voted for, was reported to be pulling strings at the time to get Al-Megrahi freed. Al-Megrahi was to be released from prison and flown back to his native Libya on compassionate grounds. Why? Because he was so ill, so sick with prostate cancer that his doctors said he had only 3 months to live.

At the same time our old friends at British Petroleum, the same folks who have just proven their all-American patriotism by ruining the Gulf of Mexico, were pressuring the government of Scotland to free the slug. Because BP (see I do know it's politically correct to call them BP these days) were desperate to get Qaddafi's okay to do more drilling in Libya.

Well, it turns out that Libya's state-owned, socialist, national health service has pulled off a miracle for Al-Megrahi after all. He's still alive today.

Maybe now, President Obama can use him as an example of how superior socialist state-owned health care can be.

But you can be sure of this. "The One" won't raise a finger to bring Al-Megrahi to justice. What  truly Al-Megrahi deserves, is the gas chamber or the electric chair, but, of course in our civilized system of national and international jurisprudence, you can bet Obama won't raise a finger to get him extradited to be tried in an American court, either. Now every lawyer in America will condescendingly tell you that, that kind of legal proceeding is impossible. But the truth of the matter is, anything is possible if you have the moral will to do it. And, of course, Obama and Eric Holder do not.

Maybe, though, the president will just ask us all to give thanks for the miracle cancer cure instead.

Martin Sieff is a former senior foreign correspondent for The Washington Times and the former Managing Editor, International Affairs, for United Press International. 

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