Mr. President, Mr. President...what are you going to do?

The burning question for most Americans since the 2008 election has been, what is the "change"  -- that candidate Barack Obama promised us -- going to look like?

I was suspicious when I heard Mr. Obama say that he wanted to fundamentally change America because I think we have great fundamentals like, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, equality, a free enterprise system, a constitution that allows us to right our wrongs, etc. I never thought we needed fundamental change anywhere but in Washington, D.C.

The good hard-working folks all over this great nation have always done just fine when Washington stops over burdening them with taxes and regulations. It’s not our fundamentals that need changing it’s our incidentals like our tax code and our restrictions on business as well as our out of control spending on entitlement programs and our misguided attempts to save snail darters and spotted owls to the degree that we harm people’s ability to earn a living.

Watch Ray Stevens' song "Mr. President, Mr. President. What Are You Going to Do?"

President Obama’s promise of change has proven to be nothing more than the same old Washington left wing, progressive, social-engineering that has brought our economy to the brink of Depression yet again.

The only change is, it’s President Obama doing it instead of one of the other usual suspects. He is, however, the most divisive public servant that I have personally ever seen and that’s a change.

He has also spent more of our money in less time than any other president in history and that’s a change.

He makes no attempt to be the president of all the people and that’s different because others in the past have at least pretended from time to time.

He ignores Congress and finds the Constitution out of date and limiting to his ability to do whatever he wants whenever he wants, but Mr. President, that’s what the founding fathers had in mind. I guess you forgot what you learned in school.

So now the questions have been clearly answered as to what he’s going to do: He is going to throw extravagant parties at the White House, play golf regularly, vacation often on Martha’s Vineyard or Hawaii with the beautiful people, take Air Force One across America on fund raising trips, buy multi-million dollar presidential buses made in Canada for him to ride in while he goes out and makes speeches about creating jobs in America, apologize for America ad nauseum and make speeches. -- Lord will the man ever stop with the speeches?

President Obama was only been trained to be elected and he’s been very good at it…so far. He knows how to smile, talk in a smooth manner, look concerned and read what someone else wrote for him on a TelePrompter.

Yes, we know now exactly what he’s going to do for the next year or so but I wonder what he’s going to do after inauguration Day in January of 2013. Actually I really don’t wonder because I really don’t care but I know exactly what I’m going to do if President Obama isn't reelected... CELEBRATE!

Ray Stevens is a two time Grammy award winner, multi-platinum, multi-gold recording artist who has sold over 25 million albums. His new song and video "Mr. President, Mr. President (What Are You Going to Do?)" can be seen on YouTube or at www.raystevens.com.