'The Interview': Sony Corporation geniuses, what were you thinking?

The Sony story is downright bizarre — and I don’t just mean the hacking. I include the decision to make the stupid movie in the first place.

The plot of “The Interview” sounds like something cooked up in a third-world fantasy factory: The CIA recruits two American journalists to assassinate North Korean madman Kim Jong-un.
Hilarity ensues.

Yes, it’s a comedy, allegedly. But it’s a stretch to believe there are yuks to be had in a movie about the illegal assassination of a living person, reportedly complete with his melting face and exploding flesh. Sony execs who were troubled by the project should have pulled the plug.


The film also offers a strange confirmation for suspicion in much of the world that American journalists actually are government spies. That distrust has gotten more than a few heroic journalists killed.

None of this is to excuse the cyber theft of Sony secrets. But it is to wonder if the company wasn’t in deep disarray long before the hackers struck.

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