The Gravy Train Is About to Leave the Station

Those with even short memories remember the media reaction to Republican attempts to revolutionize government. These included everything from tax cuts, to revised regulations to make America more business-friendly and keep jobs here, rather than export them, to eliminating unnecessary bureaucracy and government agencies. The media were aghast, suggesting Republican insensitivity and cruelty to children and the elderly. Instead of a debate about whether spending and programs were necessary, the media focused on the "nastiness" of Republicans.


Education is a prime example. Notice that no matter how much is spent on education (now at record amounts per child), it is never enough. There are always decrepit schools, poor science labs and under-performing teachers. Why is this? One would think that after mountains of money spent on government schools, there would be some positive result. But, no, there is only intellectual doom and facility gloom from politicians. That is because the teachers unions see education as a bottomless pit. They never have enough money for their political agendas, but they are not held accountable by the media or politicians for their failure to produce the results they claim to want.

There is so much hidden in plain site in the "stimulus" bill that will restructure our nation and its culture in ways most voters would probably reject were it put to them as a question or a ballot initiative. But the gravy train is about to leave the station. Nancy Pelosi is the conductor and President Obama is merely taking and punching our tickets. Good morning America, how are ya? Say, don't you know that I'm your native son? I'm the train they call the city of Obama. I'll be broke and a slave to government when the day is done.